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no art left behind!
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No Art Left behind


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About No Art Left Behind…
Skinner is a Classical School, which basically means our students perform a year above grade level and therefore, do very well on their state assessments.
Because of our high test scores, Skinner receives very little discretionary funds.
Yes, our students are actually penalized for a job well done!
The small amount that comes our way pays for the necessities, books and very basic school supplies.
That said, there is nothing left to help fund our arts education.

Many of you have heard about the tremendous budget cuts that will be affecting The Chicago Public Schools next year.
It is our hope and the hope of our very talented students that Skinner's art program will not be cut.
To ensure that, No Art is Left Behind at Skinner, we are asking for your help.

May 14 marks Gallery111's eighth annual No Art Left Behind fundraiser at The Catalyst Ranch, 656 W. Randolph Street.
We are hoping that you will consider attending the event, donating an item for our silent auction, or making a monetary donation.
Feel free to pass this information along to any friends who are passionate about arts education.

Thank you!